Barry D. Yatt

A comprehensive guide to optimizing building design through creative code use and interpretation. Published by John Wiley & Sons and NCARB

Lessons from the AIA/ACSA Professional Practice Summer Institutes. Published by AIA, edited and contributed to by Mr. Yatt

Among Mr. Yatt's numerous writings are the works and excerpts shown here. They include full length books, continuing education seminars, articles for periodicals and newsletters, and professional development materials. Some were written for general construction industry audiences, others were written specifically for architects. All focus on making complex issues understandable and on pushing standard approaches to be more effective and useful.

The first module of a six-module continuing education series. Published by AIA, co-authored by Mr. Yatt

Published in The Design Management Journal by the Design Management Institute, authored by Mr. Yatt

An article that appeared in the AIA Contract Documents Supplement Service Newsletter, co-authored with Don Lutes, FAIA

From a set of posters exhibited at the 1998 AIA National Convention explaining the just-released revisions of the core AIA documents.

Above and right: Excerpts from Cracking the Codes.

Above: A typical page showing ease of layout and clear organization

Right: A new comprehensive approach to understanding seismic design concepts. From Cracking the Codes.

Left: Cracking the Codes re-published as a continuing education monograph by the National Council of Architecture Registration Boards 

Right: Andy Pressman's Handbook containing "The Carrot in the Codes", an essay by Mr. Yatt.