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Modes of Operation

Qualitecture is mobile and flexible. We can meet you at your locations. We can take advantage of e-mail, audio and video conferencing, faxes, and courier services to be physically or virtually where you need us to be. We can work with hard copy or electronic media, as you prefer.

We are connected to the Internet with a high-speed DSL line. We own or have access to high quality input and output hardware including scanners, plotters, and digital cameras. We can use software (including the commenting, editing, and tracking features of most) such as: 

We strive to use the most appropriate and cost-effective media for each service, and do not assume that the latest technology will always be the best tool.

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Schedule of Fees

Fees and fee structures vary depending on the services provided and our clients' preferences. 

Please contact Qualitecture to discuss specifics.

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The commitment on both sides is limited, but the benefit can be substantial and timely. Work with Qualitecture on an as-needed basis while you get a sense of our experience, abilities, and connections.

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