Qualitecture is a consulting firm that brings years of experience in construction science, architectural documentation, and professional education to the aid of your projects and office. Since we're not in-house, you need only use us to the extent that you need our services.



Whether the economy is in boom or bust mode, there isnít much tolerance for poorly done work. But good work takes experience and time. You want to make your firm more efficient, but right now you have clients and projects to manage. This is where Qualitecture can help.

We can help if you and your firm...

        need experienced help but donít want to commit to expansion

        donít have time to train recent hires

        are overworked and showing signs of stress 

        find too many errors in bid or permit setsómissing details, poor organization, hard to read (perhaps from misuse of CAD)

        are running out of fees before completing your work

        are architects working with contractors on fast-track scheduling or using inexperienced help, and need to provide better documentation and CA.

        are contractors or owners working with inadequate architectural documents or administration services and need more support

        are having trouble keeping profits and revenues ahead of workload and demand for your services

        arenít sure of your legal and contractual rights when dealing with owners, architects, contractors, or consultants

        would like to reduce the number of RFIs and Change Orders on your projects

        are not sure how to handle design control issues or what to do with substitutions.

        want to stop fighting fires and put some long-term improvements in place.


You put quality into your work.
Let Q
tecture help keep quality in your practice.


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