Projects completed during summers and part-time while teaching

For Leo A. Daly, Mr. Yatt developed the design of curtain wall detailing for First National Bank of Omaha, including its winter garden and tower, bringing it from 1/64" scale to 3/4" scale.

For Heller and Metzger, Mr. Yatt developed a database for for The Pentagon, to track procurements and help insure that extensive multi-year design-built renovations met technical design and sustainability goals.

For SmithGroup Architects, Mr. Yatt provided CD quality control services for two major DC projects, reviewing and redlining documents prior to their release for bid.

1957 E Street, a 12 story residence and home to the Elliot School of International Affairs for George Washington University

US District Courthouse, DC, Michael Graves, design architect (photographed prior to completion)